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#Hastings #Rye Labour finally announce their candidate: the man who just closed down the town centre toilets…

May 2, 2017

Over the past two weeks, and despite being the only candidate in place actively opposing the Home Secretary, I have been asked a number of times to stand aside for the non-existent Labour candidate. 

This has been on the understandable basis of many folk being utterly fed up with Amber Rudd and her losing her focus on our constituency.

Now that Labour has announced their candidate, I will share with you my comment to the Hastings Observer, and explain my rationale for saying that it is game over for Labour here. And that people who want an effective Opposition to Mrs May on Brexit, should vote Liberal Democrat.

‘Although I welcome Peter to the fray, the truth is that Labour has already lost this election, and there are four reasons why. One, they are not adequately prepared. Two, they have betrayed in Parliament the 45% of Hastings & Rye folk who do not want Brexit. Three, hopelessly divided parties don’t form governments. And four, Labour has announced as their candidate the man who has just closed the town centre toilets. I am afraid that for all these reasons it is game over for Labour in Hastings & Rye.’


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