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Older citizens in #Hastings #StLeonards #Rye being betrayed by social care plans of Mrs May and Mrs Rudd

Nick has spent the last 15 years working to support vulnerable adults with social care needs

Conservative manifesto plans will mean the average household in Hastings & Rye could be forced to pay a massive percentage of the value of their homes for social care after they die, it has been revealed.

The manifesto plans, which would mean that people would be forced to hand over assets worth over £100,000 to pay for social care at home, would have a particularly damaging impact on sufferers of dementia, who have complicated long-term health needs.

The Liberal Democrats have hit out at the plans and are calling for a cap of £72,000 to protect people from crippling care costs.

Liberal Democrat candidate for MP Nick Perry, who works as a social care professional locally, said:

“The Conservative Manifesto shows us that the nasty party is back. Mrs Rudd and Mrs May are betraying older homeowners and their families by planning to snatch their homes when they die.

“Many older citizens currently face the difficult situation of having a deferred payment, to cover the costs of residential care.  Now the frail and elderly receiving social care support in their own home will face what is effectively a ‘Personal Death Tax’ charged against their assets. And the more help you need, the more Amber says should be snatched away when you die.

“It’s clear that if the Conservatives get their way, as you get old and frail the costs are down to you and you alone.

“The Liberal Democrats will fight this cold, mean-spirited assault on Britain by Amber Rudd and Theresa May. We will protect those that need the most help. We want to secure the £72,000 cap on social care costs which we won from the Tories during the Coalition years.”

My #Hastings #StLeonards #Rye election statement, as published by Hastings Online Times

Theresa May is channelling Nigel Farage; only the Liberal Democrats have offered any serious opposition

Don’t be fooled.

Theresa May isn’t trying to get the best Brexit deal for Britain, she’s trying to get the best deal for the Conservative Party.

A landslide general election victory won’t make her appear any stronger to the EU negotiators, but it will give her a much stronger mandate to push through policies that will weaken the economy, damage the NHS, undermine our children’s education and result in making the rich ‘richer’ and our poorest even ‘poorer’ than they already are.

Sending a cohort of Lib Dem MPs to Westminster will send a loud message to Theresa May that she can’t ignore the voices of all those who recognise the stupidity of a hard Brexit, and want to keep Britain open, tolerant and united.

As many of you will know, I have spent the last 10 years fighting for Hastings, St Leonards and Rye. These are my priorities for #GE2017:

  • To provide effective opposition and scrutiny regarding the disastrous hard Brexit that Theresa May and Nigel Farage want imposed on our country. The Lib Dems will fight to keep Britain in the Single Market, and for a reformed EU that offers the best future for our young people.
  • To protect our NHS from a government that has not only failed to provide the money and reforms it so desperately needs, but has also shown that it would rather pander to the ‘anti-immigration’ lobby than ensure that we have adequately qualified medical and nursing staff, and enough of them, so that the system can run effectively.

The Lib Dems will increase NHS funding by putting an extra 1p on Income Tax; and fight to ensure that doctors, nurses and essential staff from the EU are able to carry on working in the NHS where they are so desperately needed. We will provide an extra £1bn for mental health services.

  • To fight to reverse the Tory cuts to our school budgets that have resulted in schools in deprived areas getting less money, and those in richer areas getting more.

Theresa May plans to slash over £3bn from school budgets by 2019/20 – effectively reducing spending by 8% per child. This is the opposite of what is needed to ensure that our children get the education they deserve, and the country gets the well-educated workforce it needs.

The Lib Dems will guarantee our own Pupil Premium (which protects the most disadvantaged children) and reverse Theresa May’s cuts by investing £6.9bn into school funding.

Please don’t let Theresa May destroy our children’s chances of a decent education.

  • To work to ensure that local businesses are protected from the crippling import and export tariffs, increased red-tape and, for some businesses, the inability to recruit the ‘specialist’ workers they need, that will result from a hard Brexit.

Our livestock farmers will struggle to keep their animals healthy without the 50% of non-British vets currently working in the UK, and local fruit producers won’t be able to pick their crops without easy access to European casual workers.

Our language schools are likely to see falling student numbers if (as seems probable) EU students face the same costs and restrictions in obtaining ‘student visas’ that currently apply to non-EU students, making Hastings much less attractive for the young Germans, Italians and Spaniards who’ve been so vital to our local economy.

  • To continue to fight for better rail and road services, because without radical improvements to our transport infrastructure there won’t be any step-change in regeneration for Hastings and Rye.

There need to be drastic improvements to our existing roads, an end to industrial action on Southern Rail and an immediate start on the St Pancras/Ashford HS1 extension so that we have an efficient, affordable and fully integrated rail system that links Hastings and Rye to both London and Europe.

Some improvements have been made, but these have slowed since Amber embarked on her ministerial careers.

  • To protect the environment and the future of Green Industry by challenging the Conservative Party to prioritise the environmental.

Every year between 40/50 thousand people in Britain die prematurely due to the polluted air they breathe, and, despite being told twice by British Courts that its policies were ‘illegally poor’, the Government has yet to publish an acceptable plan for reducing the lethal levels of toxins in the air.

The Lib Dems are committed to improving air quality and creating a safer, healthier and more sustainable environment.

We will be the effective Opposition that Labour has failed to be.

*BREAKING* Lib Dem candidate statement regarding #Hastings #Rye #GE2017

Nick has been successfully nominated as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the General Election on 8 June

The local party has successfully submitted nomination papers on Tuesday. 

As there has been talk, in recent days, of a Hastings & Rye progressive alliance, I make the following statement as the Liberal Democrat candidate for MP:

‘I confirm that over the past week I have had talks with James Corre at Compass. I have been clear that with the imperative of reducing the impending Tory landslide at Westminster, joined-up actions are required across East Sussex.

‘I have been clear that if Labour Party candidates in Eastbourne and Lewes are prepared to make public their commitment to divert resource elsewhere, and not to impede Liberal Democrat victories in these seats, then I am willing to make a similar commitment here. 

‘There was a request made via Compass to be able to take these draft statements to my local party this evening, but nothing has been made available by Labour. Therefore the Liberal Democrats will continue to represent those opposed to Brexit in Hastings & Rye; those who want more investment in our NHS; those opposed to schools cuts across our constituency.’

#EastSussex County Council result: Lib Dems make progress; Labour falls away

Nick campaigning with Stephen Lloyd at the weekend – where Eastbourne Lib Dems held all their County Council seats and fought off the Prime Minister’s visit to Upperton

As someone who has spent the last 10 years working in mental health care locally, I was grieved to see the Tories gain majority control of the County Council on Thursday night. 

The side story however is that the Liberal Democrats have made progress whereas Labour has fallen away – in Hastings.

The Lib Dems continue to have strongholds in Eastbourne, Seaford, Newhaven, Lewes, Battle and their rural hinterland. Labour’s erstwhile strength has been in Hastings borough. But on Thursday night they lost three seats to the Tories and another nail in their General Election coffin has been hammered home.

The reality is that across East Sussex the Lib Dems are the real opposition to the Tories. This is true across the country too as, in all likelihood, it will only be Liberal Democrats taking parliamentary seats from the Tories on 8 June.

I have now spent a quarter of my life fighting the Tories in Hastings & Rye. It gives me no pleasure to predict Amber’s comfortable return here.

What is needed is effective Opposition to the Tories at Westminster. So. If you are someone that would fight Brexit with every fibre of your being, like I would (and have), please get in touch. Please join the team.

En Marche!

#Hastings #StLeonards #Rye – this is a Brexit Election

As Mrs May fires the starting gun for the 8 June election, Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron MP says:

“This is a Brexit election and chance to change the direction of Britain.  On one side of the debate is Theresa May, UKIP and Labour and on the other side is the Liberal Democrats.

“The Prime Minister admitted that she is rolling the dice on her Brexit talks and if we don’t get it right then our economic security will be at risk.  Despite admitting these talks could end in disaster the Prime Minister refuses to give the people the final say on the Brexit deal.
 “We need to judge the Prime Minister on her record and a matter of days after her personal intervention the Brexit bill rocketed from 50 billion to 100 billion.  She is the person behind the go home vans, blocking child refugees and the rape clause.  Her vision of the world is cold and uncaring.
“If you want and believe in a politics that is open, tolerant and united and reject Theresa May’s view of the world I urge you to vote for the alternative, vote for the Liberal Democrats.”

My statement for the #MLAG AGM in #Rye this evening.

Nick campaigning with Norman Baker – a Minister who actually had a passion for improving our rail infrastructure…

Dear Stuart,

Please pass on my apologies to your members for not being able to attend your AGM this year, as I have in the past. As you are aware, I fully appreciate the necessity of radical improvements to our transport infrastructure if any meaningful regeneration for Hastings and Rye is to be achieved, and regret that I will not be able elaborate on this in person.

Both myself and the Liberal Democrats (styling ourselves, since the beginning of the Great Brexit Folly, as the new party of business) have been consistent in our belief
that an efficient, affordable and fully integrated rail system that
links Rye and Hastings to both London and Europe is essential to our future economic prosperity.

The drive to achieve this has slowed since the end of the Coalition government. The Liberal Democrat Minister and former MP for Lewes, Norman Baker, hasn’t been replaced by anyone who shares his same level of enthusiasm and capability; and Amber
Rudd’s efforts have dwindled since she embarked on her ministerial careers.

If elected as your MP on 8 June I will beaver away to ensure that work begins on the extension of the St Pancras/Ashford HS1 train link to Rye, Hastings and beyond as soon as possible. And, in order fully to realise the potential of Ashford as
a transport ‘hub’, linking East Sussex to Europe, I would also press for more Eurostar and other European bound trains to stop at Ashford International.

The Lib Dems have been very actively helping to ensure that there is an end to the ongoing
industrial action that has blighted the lives of ten of thousands of
Southern Rail passengers, and seriously damaged the local and regional economy, by pressing the Government to make a positive intervention in the dispute. Southern Rail doesn’t have a standard franchise arrangement. It is effectively acting as an agent for the Department of Transport
and, as such, the Government has both the powers and the moral
responsibility to use its influence to bring a permanent end to the
seemingly endless succession of damaging strikes.

Similarly, I share your concerns regarding some aspects of the ‘new’
South Eastern Trains franchise and will certainly lobby the Government to review its current proposals and change those aspects that will have a negative impact on the frequency and quality of service.

If you have any further queries, please contact me direct or via my press officer, Lee Allane (

Your members are welcome to do the same.

Kind regards.

#Hastings #Rye Labour finally announce their candidate: the man who just closed down the town centre toilets…

Over the past two weeks, and despite being the only candidate in place actively opposing the Home Secretary, I have been asked a number of times to stand aside for the non-existent Labour candidate. 

This has been on the understandable basis of many folk being utterly fed up with Amber Rudd and her losing her focus on our constituency.

Now that Labour has announced their candidate, I will share with you my comment to the Hastings Observer, and explain my rationale for saying that it is game over for Labour here. And that people who want an effective Opposition to Mrs May on Brexit, should vote Liberal Democrat.

‘Although I welcome Peter to the fray, the truth is that Labour has already lost this election, and there are four reasons why. One, they are not adequately prepared. Two, they have betrayed in Parliament the 45% of Hastings & Rye folk who do not want Brexit. Three, hopelessly divided parties don’t form governments. And four, Labour has announced as their candidate the man who has just closed the town centre toilets. I am afraid that for all these reasons it is game over for Labour in Hastings & Rye.’

Labour still minus a candidate for #Hastings #StLeonards and #Rye as General Election looms!

The Hastings & Rye Lib Dem campaign for #GE2017 is off to a flying start!

Labour has thus far failed to select a candidate in Hastings & Rye with the general election just weeks away. The news has been revealed by the Liberal Democrats, who say that it shows Labour has “given up”, even in some of its former strongholds.

There are over 340 constituencies Labour has still not selected for in England, including Hastings & Rye.

In contrast the Liberal Democrats have selected 92% of their candidates in England.
Liberal Democrat candidate Nick Perry said:  
“It seems that Labour have simply given up on beating Amber Rudd. But I have spent 10 years of my life opposing her, and I am not going to stop at this crucial time for our country.

“This election is now a two-horse race between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.

“Labour claimed to be prepared for a general election, but many of their approved candidates are simply refusing to run under Jeremy Corbyn’s banner. 
“And who can blame them? They see a leader who is ineffective and a party that is too divided to stand up for local people.
“Every government needs to be held to account and the Liberal Democrats are rapidly emerging as the real voice of opposition.
“If you want to ensure our country has a real opposition, the Liberal Democrats are the only choice in Hastings & Rye.”

Notes to editors
A full list of seats in which a Labour candidate is yet to be chosen can be found here:

SNAP GENERAL ELECTION: ‘We will fight the #Hastings and #Rye Hard Brexit Tories on 8 June!’ – Nick Perry

Nick campaigning with colleagues in March, Hastings town centre

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s decision to call a Snap General Election on 8 June, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Hastings & Rye Nick Perry said,

‘Amber Rudd should be very worried indeed that Mrs May has called a snap General Election.  Many local residents have expressed concern to me about an increasing lack of focus on the constituency coupled with a downright refusal to advocate for individuals and families who have EU connections.

‘The Liberal Democrats are the only party to have a parliamentary candidate already in place. We are the real opposition to the Hard Brexit Tories in Hastings & Rye.

‘Unlike Jeremy Corbyn’s divided Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats are promoting an open, tolerant and united vision of Britain. This will be the real choice at the election on 8 June.’

Amber has betrayed EU nationals in #Hastings #StLeonards and #Rye


The Liberal Democrats have criticised local MP Amber Rudd and the Conservative Government for voting last night against the right of thousands of EU nationals in our area to stay, as a majority of MPs gave the final go-ahead to a hard Brexit.
There are 3,589 residents from elsewhere in the EU living in Hastings & Rye.

This includes over 400 staff from European Union countries at our local Healthcare Trust.
Last night MPs overturned amendments backed by the Liberal Democrats to give Parliament a vote on the terms of the deal and to guarantee the right of EU nationals to stay after Brexit.
Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman Nick Perry commented:
“On this historic occasion, Amber and Teresa May have chosen to support a hard Brexit and to vote against giving EU nationals living here the right to stay.
“This is a betrayal of thousands of people from the EU in our constituency as well as their friends, colleagues and neighbours.
“Dozens and dozens of local nurses and doctors from the EU are already worried about their futures here, this vote sends them completely the wrong signal at a time when our NHS is already facing huge pressures.
“Sadly, you can’t have a hard Brexit and a strong NHS.
“Unlike our MP, the Liberal Democrats will keep fighting to give EU nationals living in Hastings & Rye the certainty they deserve and to stand up against a damaging hard Brexit.”