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SNAP GENERAL ELECTION: ‘We will fight the #Hastings and #Rye Hard Brexit Tories on 8 June!’ – Nick Perry

April 18, 2017

Nick campaigning with colleagues in March, Hastings town centre

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s decision to call a Snap General Election on 8 June, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Hastings & Rye Nick Perry said,

‘Amber Rudd should be very worried indeed that Mrs May has called a snap General Election.  Many local residents have expressed concern to me about an increasing lack of focus on the constituency coupled with a downright refusal to advocate for individuals and families who have EU connections.

‘The Liberal Democrats are the only party to have a parliamentary candidate already in place. We are the real opposition to the Hard Brexit Tories in Hastings & Rye.

‘Unlike Jeremy Corbyn’s divided Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats are promoting an open, tolerant and united vision of Britain. This will be the real choice at the election on 8 June.’


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  1. Caroline Robertson permalink

    I understand Mr Corbyn has ruled out a second “Brexit” referendum (using logical rules as to who can vote, not the hash that Cameron put together) should his party be fortunate enough to be elected (which I find a highly unlikely proposition … no doubt this is why Mrs May has chosen to jump now, knowing Labour provides no opposition). What is the Lib Dems’ view on holding a second referendum – and this time, including British citizens resident in the EU, EU citizens married to/co-habiting with British citizens in this country, who have been residing here and paying their taxes for more than “x” number of years (whatever the determined “qualification” time might be) and the inclusion of 16 & 17 year-olds, who had their say in the 1st Scottish referendum, but not the EU referendum.

    • nickperrylibdem permalink

      Thanks for your question. The Lib Dems made a second referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal a specific amendment to the Article 50 legislation. But the amendment was blocked by the Tories, with Labour whipped to support them by Jeremy Corbyn.

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