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#Hastings #Rye Lib Dems help send Richmond Park message to Tory Brexit Government 

December 2, 2016

Nick and fellow campaigners at the North Kingston HQ during the last weekend

Liberal Democrat members in Hastings & Rye have helped, along with hundreds of campaigners from across the country, deliver a shock by-election victory in Richmond Park, sending a warning to the Tory Government about a hard Brexit.

Chair of the Hastings & Rye Liberal Democrats, Nick Perry‎, said,
‘I am very proud that local members have contributed to this incredible Liberal Democrat fightback. ‎It was fantastic to see Progressives from different political parties working together to promote an open, tolerant and united vision of our country.’
By-election winner Sarah Olney said,

‘When I saw what happened at the general election last year I felt I had to get involved.

‘I think a lot of people in [the Richmond Park] community had the same feeling after the referendum. [It] is full of people like me who felt something was going wrong, that the politics of anger and division were on the rise, that the liberal tolerant values we took for granted were under threat. We perceived the Ukip vision of Britain in the ascendancy, intolerant, backward-looking, divisive, just as we see it in America and across Europe.

‘Well, today we have said no. We will defend the Britain we love. We will stand up for the open, tolerant, united Britain we believe in.‎’

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