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‘Amber’s rhyming couplets haven’t helped our girls’‎ say #Hastings #Rye Lib Dems

October 3, 2016
The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference

Baroness Lynne Featherstone says gender equality issues must be tackled in Hastings (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Last week, the Daily Telegraph’s chief reporter Robert Mendick enjoyed sharing with the country the Home Secretary’s safe-sex poem from back in 2008, before she became MP for Hastings & Rye.

This week local Liberal Democrats seek to switch the focus back to the issues of gender inequality and teenage pregnancy for girls growing up in Hastings, which a recent Plan International UK report shows is one of the top ten worst places in the country.
Local Lib Dem spokeswoman Xan Brooker says:
‘The Liberal Democrats want to keep the focus on Hastings girls’ life chances, rather than our MP’s love life.

‘We are not surprised by the findings of the Plan International UK report. It’s clear that that a Labour Borough has been ineffective at championing and protecting the rights of our girls, and this is evident by the fact that Hastings is comparatively worse than Rother across the indicators.

‘But Amber and her Tory chums are no less culpable. This Tory Brexit government is gender blind on welfare cuts, which disproportionately affect women particularly in places such as Hastings.

‘Nick Perry, our parliamentary spokesperson, has already called on Amber to declare her position on Grammar and secondary modern schools, as these will only serve to further restrict opportunity for girls in Hastings.

‘Gender equality should be an issue for all of us, and the Plan International UK report highlights that Hastings is a priority area for the South East, and within Sussex.’

Baroness Lynne Featherstone, former minister for Equalities in the Coalition government has also waded in saying:

‘It is great to have another woman Home Secretary. It’s just a shame it’s another Conservative one.
‘Amber Rudd is showing that girls can aim high, but ‎every girl deserves to be able to reach her full potential.

‎’We need to face the issues that girls in Hastings are facing head on.
‘Our children deserve better,  and this includes by the way, empowering our boys to recognise and speak up about the inequalities and expectations they see. 
‘As Xan and Nick have argued, girls in Hastings need to be prioritised. This issue must be addressed by local and national government, or Hastings risks being forever considered the poor relation in the South East.‎’

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