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#Hastings #StLeonards Liberal Democrats: ‘We care about our Borough!’

April 13, 2016

IMG_20160228_162240_editThe local Liberal Democrat Association has welcomed the nomination of a full slate of candidates for 5 May, predicting gains, and a foothold back in Hastings and St Leonards politics.

‎Speaking about the party’s vision for the Borough, Association Chair Nick Perry said,

‘We want Hastings & St Leonards to be a thriving hub for tourism, the arts and green and hi-tech industries.  We want to invest imaginatively in our towns’ housing, commercial and transport infrastructure. And we want our most deprived communities to be actively included in, and benefit from, the towns’ regeneration.

‎’We are a group of campaigners who are not career politicians but care about our Borough and local communities. ‎ We want to work with local residents to respond to their vision for our neighbourhoods and the Borough. ‎ We want each person to be able to fulfil their potential, whatever their background’, he said.

The Liberal Democrats are different from the Conservatives because we will provide effective and independent-minded scrutiny of the Council. And different from Labour because we want to promote transparent local democracy, not token consultation and decision-making behind closed doors.


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