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‘Britain is stronger in Europe, and Hastings, St Leonards and Rye are better off because of it’

October 12, 2015

Nick, on his way to the debate at his party's Bournemouth conference in September

Nick, on his way to the debate at his party’s Bournemouth conference in September

Today the campaign for the UK to stay in the European Union is formally launched with the message that leaving is “not worth the risk”.

On the morning of the launch Nick Perry on behalf of the Hastings & Rye Association said,

‘The Liberal Democrats are the only party wholeheartedly committed to fighting to remain in the EU. We believe in an open, modern and inclusive Britain that stands tall in the world, and doesn’t hide from it.

‘We also believe that our constituency depends on Britain having a central role in Europe for its future prosperity. ‎

‘By voting to remain in the EU we can secure Britain’s position as a world power and build on our role as a beacon of hope, freedom, tolerance and prosperity.

‘It is not the time to turn our backs on Europe, and leave us isolated, side-lined and alone.

‘If Amber Rudd and the Conservatives can’t or won’t make the case for the EU – and Labour are ambivalent – the Liberal Democrats will.’


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