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Stability, decency, unity – my letter to the people of #Hastings #Rye

May 6, 2015
The country faces a serious choice tomorrow

The country has a serious choice to make tomorrow

Dear Friends,

I wonder if you will heave a sigh of relief when the election is over?!  Well, not long to go now…

We have had a sea of red and blue leaflets through our letterboxes.

Not yellow ones, because the Liberal Democrats aren’t funded by the Unions or by big business.

Mine is a small, gutsy party, that has been delivering a stronger economy in order to underwrite a fairer society, so that there is opportunity for everyone.

We will not risk the economic recovery by cutting too much like the Conservatives, or borrowing too much, like Labour.

We know that local businesses need stability, and that the British people want a Government that does not lurch to the right or left; and that will invest in core public services.

Stable, decent, united: this is the kind of country that Liberal Democrats are fighting for.

So as you go to the polling station tomorrow, I am asking you to vote in the national interest as well as in the interest of our constituency.  I am asking you to send a Liberal Democrat to represent you in Parliament.

15 years’ experience working in frontline mental health services; independent-minded, and in no-one’s pocket.

I will be a strong voice for our constituency at Westminster – and I will work with my colleagues for a stable, decent and united country.

Thanks in advance for your support.


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