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My thanks to the Hackney Heroine!

March 23, 2015
Nick welcomes Pauline Pearce - AKA 'The Hackney Heroine' - to Hastings

Nick welcomes Pauline Pearce – AKA ‘The Hackney Heroine’ – to Hastings

My thanks to our candidate in Hitchin & Harpenden, (otherwise known as ‘The Hackney Heroine’), Pauline Pearce, for coming to Hastings at the beginning of the month to share with us some of her experience and views around regeneration issues – in London, and with wider applicability for a constituency like ours.

Sadly, not one elected member of Hastings Borough Council came to listen and to participate in the discussion.  Perhaps they already know all there is to know about regeneration?

I interviewed Pauline about her experience of the riots in 2011 and how life had changed for her after stand (against the rioters) was filmed and posted on YouTube, where it quickly went viral.

We also spoke about the need to engage people with experience of poverty and social exclusion in policy-making and political processes and the grassroots ways she has employed in order to do that in her own area.

I am grateful to members of the Hastings Older People’s Ethnic Group who were represented.

And of course to Blacklands Church (which is where my daughters and I are members) for allowing us to hire the hall.  [It’s a really good venue if you need one – great value and with a fantastic kitchen!]

Needless to say it was a fascinating afternoon.  And Lindsey’s scones went down extremely well!


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