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Nick has been out and about promoting Free School Meals Week

November 28, 2014
The two Nicks with head teacher Mr Hellett

The two Nicks with head teacher Mr Hellett

Nick has visited Sacred Heart primary school in Hastings Old Town with local restaurateur Nick Hales (of St Clement’s restaurant) to publicise National School Meals Week.

Since September this year 1.8 million infants – defined as pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 – have been entitled to a free hot meal at lunchtime. This is something that Liberal Democrats have fought for within the Coalition Government.

Speaking after the visit, Nick Perry said:

‘I am delighted to see that free school meals for Reception and Years 1 and 2 are being taken up by parents and children. It is fundamental that we provide good nourishing food to children in their early years because it helps them to develop, to concentrate better and achieve more at school. This is particularly important in a constituency like ours where many families are struggling to make ends meet. I am delighted that this has been a Liberal Democrat priority in government, and we will seek to roll it out further. ’

Local chef Nick Hales added,

‘I am really behind this initiative. It takes the pressure off parents to give their children a balanced diet and helps them to learn about food – especially foods that they might not always have at home.’

at home.‎’


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