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My letter to Castle Ward residents

May 10, 2014
Nick and the Focus Team supporting residents to sort the St Mary's Road grotspot

Nick and the Focus Team are campaigning on behalf of residents to sort the St Mary’s Road grotspot

It is nearly time to vote! I am so grateful for the kind reception that residents have given to the Focus Team on the doorstep over the last few months. It seems clear that Castle Ward wants, and deserves, a councillor who lives and works in the ward, and knows its needs well.

As I hope you have seen through the newsletters that we have been putting through your letterbox – rain or shine – we believe in the importance of keeping in touch; as well as attention to detail regarding the needs of our community. Whether it be getting a new road sign for Vicarage Road, unblocking gullies in Castle Hill Road, or campaigning for the delivery of the Greenway at Station Plaza and beyond, we are on hand, and we care.

If we can work together, I believe we can make a real difference to our town centre. That is why I am asking for your vote, even if you have not voted Liberal Democrat before.

I live with my young family in Manor Road on the West Hill. And I work (for local mental health services) at Cavendish House on the seafront. I know this part of our town like the back of my hand and, over the years, have been active in local organisations such as the Castle Ward Forum, the West Hill Against Communal Bins group; and I am a member of Blacklands (and St Andrew’s) Church.

Unchallenged domination of the Council by the Labour Party is not healthy. There is a need for constructive scrutiny of the Council’s actions. You can be sure that you will get that from a Liberal Democrat councillor in the heart of Hastings.

There is so much more work to be done in Castle, and a clear mandate from residents will help us to achieve more. That is the long and short of it: we need your help. Please make your vote count. Use it to help me represent our ward at the Town Hall.


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