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We are supporting St Marys Road residents

February 27, 2014
St Mary's Road campaign

Selfie of me by the mega-grotspot in St Marys Road

Just wanted to share with you some information about a campaign we are supporting in St Marys Road. We are trying to get a joined-up response from the agencies concerned.  If there is an issue that you think we should be dealing with in a Castle Ward road near you (!) please get in touch…

Dear Mr Berrisford,

May I draw your attention to this site (for which there is currently a planning application HS/FA/13/00949).

The site has been causing a problems to residents in St Mary’s Road for almost nine years since the previous building was knocked down.

You may know that there have been problems for developers due to a sewer which runs through the site.

As you can see from the attached photographs the site is extremely unpleasant and is a hazard on a number of levels.

There is also a major problem of access to it (via the path behind number ?53-60 St Mary’s Road) because of the many cars being abandoned there.

This must surely also be a problem for emergency services should any access need arise.

Please will you arrange a site visit and investigate possible enforcement action under s215 for this area?

We are very concerned that residents’ hopes of a development solution to this eyesore site are realised, and that access problems do not hamper development.

To this end we are copying in Mr Batchelor who is overseeing the planning application.

We are very aware that there needs to be a joined up approach between different departments and agencies in order to resolve what has up to now been an intractable problem for residents, who are becoming increasingly affected. There is, for example, a damp problem for number 60 St Mary’s Road, due to the condition of the site; number 63 St Mary’s Road is worried about landslip; and the site is affecting the general regeneration condition of this part of Castle ward as a whole.

 I am copying in the Highways department at East Sussex County Council because, further to the photograph showing the pavement at street level, there is a real danger that the damaged paving will see a child fall into the derelict site with real risk of serious harm.

This is to say nothing of the possibility in the current weather conditions of the iron fence collapsing and for the site to become a real community danger – for all ages.

We hope that you will all respond quickly stating your commitment to play your part in delivering a joined up solution.

Kind regards,



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