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News release – Nick slams ‘Castle access disgrace’

October 5, 2013

Nick Perry, the parliamentary spokesperson for the Lib Dems in Hastings & Rye, has written to the Leader of Hastings Borough Council, slamming the Council’s failure to improve the access route to the Castle from the Town Centre.

Flytipped land on approach to Hastings Castle

In recent years the Council has repeatedly failed in different bids to secure significant funding to improve the site for future generations.

In his letter Mr Perry said, “It is no wonder that the Council has failed to win funding for the Castle site. The approach via the Town Centre is an absolute disgrace. This is a Grade I listed building – associated with one of the most famous events in European history – and it is poorly signposted, poorly cared for and there has been no meaningful enforcement on the grotty, fly-tipped private land by the main access route.”

Former Castle Ward councillor Pam Brown has said to the Observer, “I am afraid to say that this is a problem that has resurfaced since I left the Council in 2006. Officers have not been taken to task by ward councillors for letting this eyesore continue to fester.”


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