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Nick lobbies Amber over Health Bill risk assessment vote

February 20, 2012

On Wednesday the House of Commons will see an Opposition Day debate on the potential impact of Andrew Lansley’s Health & Social Care Bill.

The Government has thus far refused to make an internal risk assessment report available to the public.

Nick Perry, the Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman for Hastings & Rye, who also works in mental health care locally, has written to MP Amber Rudd asking her to vote to release the information.

He said,

“I have written to Amber asking her to vote to release the risk assessment on the potential impact of the Health & Social Care Bill, and I hope other constituents will write to her too.  If Amber is not prepared to vote for us to see the information contained in the risk assessment, it will be a grave indication that she prioritises her ministerial prospects ahead of transparency in politics.

“I believe Liberal Democrats (led by Shirley Williams in the House of Lords) have done much good work up to now in amending the Bill – particularly by ensuring that the Secretary of State is required to be responsible for the provision of a comprehensive national health service, and changing competition criteria from price to quality.

“However the Government must listen to the people that they are wanting to devolve commissioning powers to. And the public must be allowed to see what the potential risks are.

“Personally, I believe that clinician-led commissioning and increased local accountability can be delivered without the dissolution of the PCTs, and that the Bill in its current form should be dropped. This is going to be a major issue at the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in Gateshead next month.”


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  1. Janet King permalink

    Nick, I hope your MP will vote for disclosure of the risk register; mine(Sajid Javid Con Bromsgrove) certainly will not.No one enters into an agreeement without seeing all the possible risks (doctors are particularly good at telling patients the risks no matter how remote) so we, the owners of the National Health Service should not be expected to buy a pig in a poke.

  2. Linda Payan permalink

    I have found in my own experience that PCT’s have no teeth.When i complained about a local Dental Practice, it precipitated a mountain of paper pushing with no result.In the end i found a very good NHS dentist who saved jaw from disintegrating due to a chronic infection that went on for 18months and the dental practice telling me in the end ‘theres no infection’ !!! All this can be substantiated

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