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Please join the fight to keep Maternity and Emergency Services at the Conquest

August 18, 2011

In 2008 Margaret Williams, Liz Walke and many thousands of people helped campaign and win the right to keep maternity services at The Conquest Hospital Hastings and the Eastbourne DGH. In Summer 2011 East Sussex Hospitals Trust is looking to review maternity provision even though nothing has changed. Please send your views to before 26/08/11, and please join this new Facebook group (‘Hands off Conquest Maternity and Emergency Services – Again’) and encourage as many of your friends as possible to do so before 26 August!


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  1. Margaret Williams permalink

    I am Margaret Williams and I have fought long and hard to keep two consultant led maternity units here at the Conquest and at our sister hospital the Eastbourne DGH. The Royal College has now stated that in an emergency (in technical terms from the time of decision to the time of incision) there should be 20 minutes, when we fought the campaign this was 30 minutes, obviously all of you know that you cannot get from one hospital to the other in that time let alone from say Camber to Eastbourne, or Uckfield to Hastings. Absolutely nothing has changed since the decision of the IRP or the Secretary of State in 2008. We do not have a dual carriageway or motorway that will help, and let me say that this does not only apply to Maternity, but to all emergency core services, and we will fight to retain them on both sites if necessary..

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