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Lib Dems spearhead plan for restorative justice after the riots

August 17, 2011

Following comments made at the weekend by Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Simon Hughes, in which the Bermondsey MP discouraged kneejerk reactions from Government, Nick Clegg has today unveiled plans for a riot payback scheme alongside an independent inquiry into the reasons for the outbreaks of violence and lawlessness.

Speaking about the riots in language which differs markedly from that of the Conservative Party, Nick Clegg has brokered an agreement between David Cameron and Labour, and has focused his attention on the need to break the cycle of repeat offending.

He said, “We need to ensure that the treadmill, this dismal cycle of repeat crime, is stopped.

“We have thousands upon thousands of victims who are needlessly hurt because we have failed as a country to stop the cycle of repeat crime.

“We said we were going to pioneer a rehabilitation revolution to stop this downward spiral of repeat crime.

“From March 2012, every offender who leaves prison won’t just be allowed to drift back into their old life, won’t just be able to drift into a life of worklessness and repeat crime only to turn up in the same prison having been sentenced again for an even more serious offence.

“If we want to stop for good the outbreak of crime, of looting and criminality, of what we saw last week, we need to get tough on the causes of repeat crime.”


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