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Archery Ground – Observer letter from last week

June 17, 2011

Dear Editor,

Having attended the ‘relaunch’ of the STAG campaign on Monday night, I was horrified to learn that the amendments to the original application belatedly submitted by the developer are insignificant in respect of the ongoing heritage concerns.

STAG experts seem to be of the view that the heritage statement of the amended application is so lacking that the Planning Committee could choose not even to consider it, because it is invalid without a meaningful statement.

This site is of seminal architectural significance. I hope that members of the Planning Committee will show the guts and the determination only to consider an application that has demonstrated an understanding of the site’s significance, and the architectural competence to honour and respect the Burton legacy.

Planning Committee must send the amendments back, and Gladedale must do much much better.

Yours truly,


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One Comment
  1. Jane Downes permalink

    It is essential ,as much as is humanely possible, that the original James/Decimus Burton architectural elements be maintained in any new development. It is not necessary to build some hutches on that site, any new homes should be in keeping with and sympathetic to that area of St Leonards. Space and light…vital. It’s an opportunity to create something wonderful out of what was largely an eyesore!

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