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Hastings & Rye Lib Dems respond to No vote

May 9, 2011

Speaking on Monday, the Reverend Paul Hunt, Chair of Hastings and Rye Lib Dems said:

“Obviously we are deeply disappointed that Britain will not be using a fairer voting system at the next General Election, but “no” is the result and we must respect that.

“Even with First Past the Post, the trend of the Labour and Conservatives taking lower and lower shares of the national vote is set to continue. This will require a mature politics based on co-operation, not tribalism, and the Liberal Democrats are signed up to this 100%. 

“Liberal Democrats will continue to campaign for a fairer voting system at subsequent elections. But we also have a wider agenda we are pursuing in government to win greater social justice and secure our traditional civil liberties. Some of this work, such as taking the 880,000 lowest paid out of income tax altogether, restoring the link between pensions and earnings and enabling greater social mobility through our pupil premium came into effect last month.

“Liberal Democrats, locally and nationally, will remain caring, co-operative and responsible and will continue to work for a better, fairer Britain.”


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