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Nick blasts MP over voting reform silence

February 10, 2011

Nick Perry, the Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson for Hastings & Rye, has slammed Conservative MP Amber Rudd for what he says is her hypocrisy in criticising Labour Party plans to replace Michael Foster as the Labour parliamentary candidate.

Last week Labour confirmed that it would have an all-female shortlist for the post.

Nick said: “I was surprised to see Amber take the moral high ground and so roundly criticise Labour’s process for selecting their next candidate.

“I think she said something about the process not being fit for this day and age and not based on merit.

“How ironic therefore that no-one can get her to say whether or not she backs electoral reform for Parliament.

“First past the post is outmoded, unfair and does not ensure that the best candidate by everybody wins the election.

“Given her words about Labour, I hope that she will now come out of David Cameron’s shadow and back the Fairer Votes campaign.

“The proposed changes, which will be the subject of a referendum in May, will make sure that every MP gets 50% of the vote in their constituency, and allow the electorate to list candidates in order of preference.

“I think I am right in saying that Amber is the only candidate that stood for the General Election here in 2010 who has not confirmed their support for electoral reform. I wonder why..?!

“I challenge her now to put up or shut up, and demonstrate her progressive credentials – if, of course, she has any.”


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