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The Observer has it right…

October 11, 2010

The Hastings Observer is not always right as far as I am concerned, but it has certainly captured the mood in the town with its front page last week following the awful events of early Tuesday morning.

I learnt of the fire whilst away on holiday.  It was a total shock and one of the last reasons why I would want Hastings to be in the national news.

We were in a little village on the North East corner of Corfu, just opposite Albania, and I saw the news on the BBC website front page.

In my comments to the Observer at the time, I said that I was pleased Felix Robinson, the outgoing chair of the Pier Trust, was so upbeat about the possibility that all might not be lost for the Pier.

As it has turned out, and many thanks to Lesley Davis at the Pier Trust for her regular updates, it seems that there is still the possibility that the structure of the Pier might be saved.

So the fight to save Hastings Pier goes on, despite the mindless vandalism that set it ablaze.

Shame on the previous Council administrations that have sat idly by and watched the Pier deteriorate.  At least now the Labour Council is actively supporting the Pier Trust.  Long may it continue.


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