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My letter to Nick Clegg about Hastings & Rye

June 6, 2010

Dear Nick,

First, a big thank you for the way you are both leading and serving our party in the coalition government.

I wanted to take an early opportunity to contact you – particularly following your comments in The Independent newspaper on Wednesday, and further comments in The Observer today, about the need to support those areas of the country particularly dependent on the public sector as an employer.

You may know that there are pockets of Hastings & Rye, where I was our candidate on 6 May, and where I am employed as a mental health social worker, that are among the most deprived in the South East of England.

Also, that the public sector accounts for something like 40% of the workforce locally.

And that we still have a long way to go to make sure that more and more adults are able to fulfil their potential and enter (and remain part of) the labour market.

In the press this week, you have spoken of the need for the North East, North West, for South Yorkshire and London to be given special help ‘to limit the impact of job losses, with private companies in those areas given incentives to expand.’

I hope that you will make sure that constituencies like Hastings & Rye also figure.

Regeneration work has been started here and it is by no means complete.

I am very proud that the Lib Dems in the Cabinet and the government are working flat out to make sure that this coalition has genuine and recognisable progressive credentials.

This is the spirit in which you have given your commitment to fairness about cuts – and particularly cuts in public sector employment.

I trust you to take the regeneration needs of constituencies into the bargain, when you are considering where to offer additional support.

I hope that the government will consider like for like replacement of public sector job opportunities as and where policy priorities change.

There is an open invitation to come to Hastings & Rye and to meet some of the public sector and other workers here who need the coalition to deliver.

I hope to hear from you soon!

With every best wish; yours truly,


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