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To the voters of Hastings & Rye

May 7, 2010

Very many thanks to all of you who voted Liberal Democrat on Thursday and put your trust in our party, as we put forward our manifesto for a fairer Britain.

We Liberal Democrats are doughty campaigners, and will continue with the fight.

I hope that now you have had a few hours to think about it, you will be minded not only to support us, but to join us, and help to generate momentum again for a real liberal moment.

With my very best wishes,


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  1. JBK permalink

    You’re not finished. I am sure you are boyed by the Demo by 38 Degrees. They are ssking that we keep the momentum going by informing our local Lib Dems and encouraging them to continue being involved and active in this Govts decisions: See link –

  2. JBK permalink

    Oh!! and I have already had an equal go and cutting rapier to Cons and Lab. Turning to sites and facebook profiles I am horrified to see people more concerned about the welfare or failure of their own camp than the needs and essential crisis of the country as a whole and needs and priorities of local people. I am horrified. The self indulgent persoanal mood is so that cons talk about scuppering and undermining anything the Labour council try to do and sharpening their skulduggeries. and Labour crow and have stupid sites being so vitriolic and immaturely spiteful towards Amebr because of her win. It reminds me of the loony fringe which put me off the Left politics in the first place. So you still have a lot to do and a part to play in trying to create a stable mature and intelligent nation that still remembers and focuses on the needs and real priorities. You don’t get out of it that easily.

    And Lib Dems need to grow up and also remember they are not just to appeal to their own kind and sort but remember to appeal to all parts of the nations as a whole. If you went up in the Polls following first debate and then stayed the same and at the end in the booth many still chose between the main tow parties. It may not just be about PR but because you have still failed to convince them. This is no about Conservatives, Labour or Lib Dem. This is about the country. and if you do not have the country behind you. You don’t get voted in and don’t get to rule. No matter how nice you are.

  3. JBK permalink

    Why have the Hastings Observer now got no column or coverage for opposition main parties. Are we now a autocracy? We still need reasoned debate and contesting and challenging. Is this a normal thing post election or is this Obsever biased. I see Richard Morris has been taken in by the charm, as has every other man I have met. I give Amber her due. but with no opposition surely that is unhealthy.

    One voice means that it will feel like only one party and one political opinion exists.

    Going back to annoy, agravate and irritate your clients? Why not keep it more universal and keep being the irritation and tiny stone in the shoe of ambition? You did quite well, but Amber is more professional and has been doing this for years now. So look down or feel down about yourself. Still need to have a separate Liberal voice or people will think the party does not exist anymore.

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