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On Thursday we have the chance to do something different…

May 3, 2010

Out on the stump in St Leonards

On Thursday we have the chance
to do something different –
to change our country for the

You will doubtless hear from the old parties – they’ll say that a Liberal Democrat vote is a wasted vote.

It’s not true. The only wasted votes will be votes for the old politics – more of the same – another 65 years of red-blue, blue-red self-interest.

Every vote for the Liberal Democrats will strengthen Nick Clegg’s hand on 7 May.

Let’s join together for real change.

Nick said himself – “Don’t let people tell you it can’t be different – it can.”

I hope those of you based in Hastings and Rye will use your vote to make it happen.


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  1. JBK permalink

    Don’t forget that Tories have always voted against women’s rights even when it is in regard to health and access to contraception and pregnancy care and asking men to take responsibilty for reproduction and contraception.

    The electorate really need reminding. Lib Dems are just as bad and prejudiced underneatha dn in private and prejudice but at least they have a track recor of meaning well. (Paths of well meaning and good intentions always lead to Hell) Here is a link to Tory MEP’s record on women and equal rights. So much for Cameron saying they support equality:

    Have notice Murdock’s Sky News more positive biased coverage of Cameron. Poor Brown on Nicky Campbell’s show this morning. Foot in mouth that he has already shot.

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