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Tim Farron MP puts down Early Day Motion in the House of Commons to protect our fishermen

October 20, 2009

2009_0922May0001When I met up with Tim at Lib Dem Party Conference in Bournemouth in September, he was appalled to hear of the current situation for our fishermen in Hastings & Rye.

He promised to act.  And as the BBC has reported today, he has made good this promise by bringing the issue to the attention of the House of Commons.

I have been working closely with Tim and his office on the issue, and hope to bring a policy motion to the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in Birmingham next year.

Here is the text of the Early Day Motion:

“That this House recognises the importance of conserving domestic fish stocks and the efforts of fishermen in the under-10 metre sectors in ensuring that their methods of fishing are sustainable and environmentally responsible; expresses concern at the Government’s decision in April 2009 to reverse their proposal to give a fair percentage of the quota to the under-10 metre sector in England and Wales; regrets that many small boats such as those fishing in the England Channel are having to throw dead fish back into the sea because of the quota system; urges the Government to re-instate the percentage of the Channel quota allocated to the under-10 metre sector to ensure this historic trade is protected.”


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  1. JBK permalink

    So what was the response? Tried to watch Parliament Channel. Did not catch it. Time is of the essence. As you know NHS times and procedures are so slow patient can be dead or have deteriorated beyond adequate or full ecovery. Springtime for Cleggy and Perry voices, anyone else? Doesn’t need an early motion in Spring needs an urgent manual evacuation of buearocratic s**t NOW!

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