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Come and spend your birthday in Hastings & Rye!

August 11, 2009

2009_0809May0009It was my birthday over the weekend.

For some macabre reason, and from being a very small child, it has stuck with me that Jesus was said to have died aged 33.

It’s not an age that I can say that I have been looking forward to particularly, but it’s here now, so best make the most of it!

And make the most of it we did…

Before launching in to the birthday surprise that had been booked, we wandered down from the West Hill to Hastings Old Town to see the preparations for the Old Town Carnival, and to see the George Street bunting fluttering over wave after wave of happy holidaymakers and locals soaking up the atmosphere.

Then the obligatory return journey up the West Hill Lift with any of our family and friends who have not yet had the pleasure…

And then for the birthday surprise: a night away.

It was the first night my partner and I have been away from our daughter (who will be two in November) since she was born.

We are now looking in to how we formally recommend the sister-in-law for beatification following her agreement to babysit!

We scooted off to one of Rye’s finest guest houses; had a drink in the last rays of the evening sunshine, and then went to eat a lovely dinner – again at one of the many fine eateries that Rye has to offer.

On Sunday morning, we shot past the Rye Maritime Festival, picked up a couple of dressed Rye Bay crabs, and took them with a hunk of Hastings Old Town bread, a couple of tomatoes and a lemon, for a picnic up at Fairlight.

We ate; sunned ourselves; reclined in the wonderful cool breeze, drinking in the view; and took turns to steer the daughter out of the way of hurtling canines and boisterous older boys.

It was a weekend that made me feel extremely fortunate.

Not only because we, as a family, have enough disposable income to be able to treat ourselves every now and again; but also because the things we were treating ourselves to were so close to home.

After the weekend, I am finding it a bit hard to contain my enthusiasm for our area. And I thoroughly recommend anyone to spend their birthday in Hastings & Rye.

For any readers who haven’t yet sampled the delights of this wonderful part of the country, please come and see for yourselves.


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