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Michael – show us you’re worth your salt, and resign

July 7, 2009

observer mastheadDear Editor,

With a heavy heart, I read your article last week about the plight of our local fishermen.

You will know that Liberal Democrats locally have been assisting their cause by petitioning the Minister, as well as through Sharon Bowles MEP’s request for an investigation by the EU Competition Commissioner.

You may get a flurry of letters about the shortcomings of the EU in respect of fisheries – and there are many – but you rightly point out that it is the UK Government who is the villain on this score.

I am in no doubt that our Labour MP has worked hard to try to win some respite for the fishermen of Hastings & Rye, but his efforts have not been successful.

In the last weeks I have called for Michael, the new Equalities Minister, to resign his post, as the Government has failed to deliver a public inquiry on the Iraq War.

This, despite promises of a new transparency.

I believe that their refusal to give a fair deal to our local fishermen is also a significant matter of principle.

Michael Foster must admit that the Labour Government is refusing to help an important and historic set of constituents. And this could lead, as you report, to the end of our fishing industry locally.

He must now show that he is worth his salt, forego his ministerial pension, and resign from the Government.

Yours truly,

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