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The Nasty Tories are alive and kicking

July 4, 2009

watersonAt the end of last week I went to support the ‘1066 Country’ branch of the Federation of Small Businesses, as well as the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Eastbourne & Willingdon, Stephen Lloyd, at the Big Sleep Hotel, for Eastbourne’s state of the economy debate.

On the panel was the Conservative MP for Eastbourne – Nigel Waterson.

It was amazing.  With the rebranding of the Tories undertaken by David Cameron, and the textbook Cameroonian politics of my Conservative counterpart in Hastings & Rye, I had almost forgotten what an unreconstructed Tory sounds like.

It was very important to be reminded.

Waterson was horrific.  Pompous of demeanour, he was pretty objectionable on policy – especially when talking about welfare fraud.

Whilst this is certainly a problem, it was utterly unpalatable coming from an MP, given the current crisis of confidence in the integrity of Parliament.

I urge those of you who are considering voting Conservative at the next election to go and hear the likes of Nigel Waterson, before you make up your mind…


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