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Castle Ward Forum AGM

June 23, 2009

castle ward forumI attended the Castle Ward Forum AGM on Saturday morning at Hastings Town Hall.

Living in Manor Road in Castle Ward, I like to keep up to speed with what is going on, and the Forum always has its collective ear to the ground!

I was especially glad that I did because I found out that Judy Russell, long-time Secretary of the Forum is standing down.  There are many people that contribute to the work of the Forum, but Judy was (quite rightly) singled out by Honorary Freeman Pam Brown for special praise.

No doubt Judy will keep an interest in the Forum in the future.  It will take an army of volunteers to replicate her efforts.

Also standing down is James Leathers.  James gave a thoughtful and inspiring Chair’s report.  Of course he is absolutely right that poverty is not just about income, it is about choice and opportunity.  These remain salient issues for Castle Ward, despite all the regeneration money that has been poured into new buildings in the centre of Hastings.

[How do you rate the work that has gone on to regenerate Hastings?  What work is still to be done from your point of view?  Please use the form below to send in your views]


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  1. Pam Brown permalink

    Castle ward Forum needs to spend time and effort finding ways to involve residents who have so far failed to join in any of our activities.

    This should be a priority as I suggest we have not managed to reach out to those whose lifestyle,lack of opportunities and day-to-day problems could benefit from what the Forum has to offer.

    We badly need a more INCLUSIVE Forum – Regeneration should be about social improvement, not just new buildings.

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