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Open letter to Michael Foster MP on Iraq War Inquiry

June 15, 2009





Dear Michael,

You are now a Government Minister.

Whilst I have congratulated you on your appointment, I am still uncertain why you have chosen, at this late stage in the life of New Labour, to align yourself even more fully with Gordon Brown.

I am writing to you today, horrified to have learnt that you, the Government, have decided to hold your Iraq War Inquiry in private.

I hope you will note the words of Rose Gentle, whose son was killed in Iraq.

She has said to the BBC that she will continue to lobby for a public inquiry, and she adds, “We have fought and fought for this but it will be no use and it could all be for nothing behind closed doors.”

I hope you will guarantee to pass every single dissenting letter from your constituents to the Prime Minister on this issue.

I am sending a copy of this, my personal dissent, to our local media, because I am asking as many local people as possible to write to you, demanding that you use your new-found influence to change Gordon Brown’s mind, and hold this inquiry in public.

You, the Government, owe this to the British people.

Yours truly,

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[What do you think of the Government’s decision to hold this Inquiry in private?  Please use the form below to send in your views]


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