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Cross-party meeting on hospital parking charges

June 12, 2009

conquestWe had the long-awaited cross-party meeting on hospital parking charges today.

It was a constructive discussion and the Trust is to be congratulated on its recent decision to overturn the delay on ‘pay-as-you-leave’ parking.

There were a number of issues raised by the different attendees including the current parking enforcement contractor, pricing, the staff parking situation, blue badge holders, infection control funding…

The Trust has agreed to make a press statement next week on our discussions.  I am very hopeful that the Board will take soundings from the public before making a final decision on its new tariff structure.

We need transparent processes at all levels of government and governance.

Today was a step in the right direction.


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  1. JBK permalink

    That is good and far better than what was happening.
    However, it would be even more better if the charges were very low like Falaise Gym had 10p per hour or that there should be a cap on the limit.

    I drove to hospital after severing my wrist and having a pumping artery. yet when I parked up the parking attendant insisted that I go back and put a parking ticket on my car never mind stubble with change with a pumping artery. Then I got inot A&E and had to bang on the reception window who again told me to wait my turn even though I had a pumping artery. Eventually I got seen and got strapped up while 4 pints of blood pumped out. I was clearly not ina fit state to sort out my parking. Yet twice I was informed that if I did not get up and leave and sort out my car park ticket I would have a fine. Even though I was strapped up I was told it was of no concern or consequence either I did something about my ticket or face the consequences. We managed to get a notcie on the car to say I ws busy bleeding to death and could not come out immediately. Even so I had to arrange for someone to drive the car out the hospital ad round the corner even thought it was covered in blood.

    Great. Fantastic. As I was in a low paid job on less than the minimum wage and lost my job and did not get benefits for three months and had to walk home alone and get up to east Grinstead the follwing day without help. There was no swaying and no pity when it came to the hospital’s policy on parking and their need for my money over my physicla needs or welfare.

    Should be a limit. It shoudl be low and achievable and hourly rate should be pennies not pounds. We cannot really afford it. We are ill and without jobs or income.

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