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Vote for a General Election

June 2, 2009

column-picture2Just over one day to go before the East Sussex County Council and European elections.

Will you be voting?

I hope so.

It’s a key step towards resolving the political crisis we are in at the moment.

The number of people that have opened their door over the past few weeks to tell me that they are utterly disgusted with politicians and will not be voting is now beyond my counting fingers.

I understand the reaction, but it’s not a solution.

In any other situation, if we had the opportunity to change things for the better for the people we care about, by exercising one of our rights of citizenship, so that scoundrels don’t prosper – wouldn’t we do so?

Of course we would.

Taken to its logical conclusion a mass no-show on Thursday just serves to maintain the status quo, and that’s the last thing that we need in this country…

I read an interesting article in The Times by the comedian Frank Skinner. He (as well as my Conservative counterpart in her column this week) was writing about the hit show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

His premise was that the results of BGT are much more meaningful and democratic than many of our political election results. With tongue firmly in cheek (at least I thought that it was) he says that voters in BGT are far more informed about what they are voting for than many who vote in our political elections. And he plugs his new campaign called: ‘If you don’t know, don’t vote!’

Well here are two things you should definitely know about tomorrow’s elections.

The first is that if you don’t vote, you will give political extremists an electoral chance that they don’t deserve.

The second is that if you give Labour a good hiding, then Gordon Brown might be ditched, a new Labour Leader installed and, surely, a General Election called by the Autumn.

There are various opinion polls doing the rounds at the moment.

[My particular favourite is the one that shows more people inclined to vote for the Lib Dems than Labour at the next General Election.]

But other polls are suggesting that more than half of the people in the country want a General Election.

So go to it team.

Show New Labour the door, and you may bring forward the General Election that this country so badly needs.

Your Lib Dem candidates in Hastings and St Leonards divisions are:

Anne Gallop (Ashdown & Conquest); Anne Scott (Baird & Ore); Roger Weeden (Castle & Braybrooke); Oliver Maloney (Central St Leonards & Gensing); Christine Benner (Hollington & Wishing Tree); Tricia Kennelly (Maze Hill & West St Leonards); Chris Beaumont (St Helens & Silverhill); Stuart Murphy (Old Hastings & Tressell).

Our candidates for Brede Valley & Marsham, and Rye & Eastern Rother are, respectively, Derek Greenup and John Smith.


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