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Labour can’t change East Sussex

May 26, 2009

column-picture2So we are a week away from the County Council and European elections.

As my Conservative counterpart has mentioned in her offering this week, local people are still, understandably, fuming about the MP expenses scandal.

It seems that Jacqui Lait, the former Tory MP for Hastings & Rye, may end up getting de-selected in Beckenham as a result.

Her husband, Peter Jones, the Conservative Leader of East Sussex County Council, is also under pressure due to his own allowances and expenses situation.

And then there is Labour’s Jeremy Birch: this week (and in striking contrast with his colleague Michael Foster MP) refusing to provide up-front information about the income and expenses he receives out of the public purse…

The gravy train, which has been so obvious a temptation for some of our career politicians, runs well beyond the Westminster village.

We need change.

With just five County Councillors at present, and with dire results predicted, Labour is not able to change things for the better in East Sussex.

With thirteen, the Liberal Democrats are the main opposition to the Conservatives, and with your help, we are looking to wrest control of the Council next Thursday.

Liberal Democrats undertake to spend your money on your priorities.

As Stuart Murphy, our candidate in Old Hastings & Tressell has said,

“The Tories at County Hall have lost the plot. They are wasting our hard earned cash on spin and environmental hazards. The incinerator planned for Newhaven will cost £140 million. We want a greener County, and schools that are fit for purpose, as well as only sensible and essential roadworks.”

“Local Lib Dem councillors will put a stop to positively dangerous highways ‘improvements’ like the Frederick Road scheme,” says Stuart.

Liberal Democrats are rooted in our local community, and we are making sure that there is a real choice in the forthcoming elections.

Our candidates in the Hastings & St Leonards divisions are as follows:

Anne Gallop (Ashdown & Conquest); Anne Scott (Baird & Ore); Roger Weeden (Castle & Braybrooke); Oliver Maloney (Central St Leonards & Gensing); Christine Benner (Hollington & Wishing Tree); Tricia Kennelly (Maze Hill & West St Leonards); Chris Beaumont (St Helens & Silverhill); Stuart Murphy (Old Hastings & Tressell).

Our candidates for Brede Valley & Marsham and Rye & Eastern Rother are, respectively, Derek Greenup and John Smith.

I am particularly pleased with the calibre of our candidates; that we are fielding a diverse team, and that it is also gender-balanced.

I hope you will give them your vote on 4 June.


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