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Plus ça change for McBride

April 12, 2009

peterhouseI was totting it up this afternoon.  It has been about thirteen years since Damian McBride, recently resigned aide to Gordon Brown, sent me an abusive letter after beating the candidate whose campaign he managed in our college elections.

This piece in the Daily Mail tells you just about all you need to know about the man they call McPoison.

You won’t be surprised that I don’t always agree with the Mail, but they are right about one thing: this certainly does not reflect favourably on the Prime Minister.

That Gordon Brown had this man as one of his most trusted advisors will paint a picture for the electorate.  And it’s not a pretty one…


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  1. Jeremy Quartermain permalink

    I remember the hustings very well – I remember Mr McBride earning himself the opprobrium of all present. It is quite apparent that his aggressive and bullying tactics have changed little since the mid 1990s. I find it absolutely astonishing that Gordon Brown can exercise such a devastating lack of judgement. I think most of us were able to get the measure of Damian within minutes of him opening his mouth. I should imagine that his meteoric rise was primarily attributable to the aggressive, thuggish, ‘nothing is of limits’ policy of spin that has characterised New Labour. It is an interesting reflection on modern political culture when an aide to the prime minister believes that it is acceptable or desirable to speculate on politicians private lives in such sordid detail. Good luck in Hastings! I would certainly be voting for you if I were a member of your constituency – despite McBride’s unpleasantness I think all Petreans would agree that you a very kind, caring and responsive JCR President.

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