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If you ever needed a reminder why not to vote Conservative, Eric Pickles is it

March 26, 2009

eric-picklesQuite astonishing from Conservative Party Chairman Eric Pickles on Question Time this evening.

I think he said his constituency was 37 miles from Westminster, and there he was on telly arguing passionately for his right to a second home allowance – because (I paraphrase) it’s really difficult to get in to work on time otherwise.

Beware those who tell you that the New Tories will bring a new dawn.

I have heard that somewhere before…


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  1. Duncan permalink

    To be fair, I find it hard to get to work on time as well. I wonder if the taxpayer will buy me a second home as well.

    Really; we should all chip in to buy him a house in London so he doesn’t have to get up an hour earlier?

  2. Richard T permalink

    As a pedant, Brentwood Station is 18 miles from Liverpool Street and what another 3 miles across to Westminster. He must go the long way round or live the other side of Chelmsford.

  3. Totally agree. He came across as an out of touch fool.

    I have transcribed the exchange from QT on my blog here.

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