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Nick meets with South East MEP to promote Hastings & Rye

March 1, 2009

nick-meets-with-sharon-bowles-mepNick Perry, Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner for Hastings & Rye, met with South East Liberal Democrat MEP Sharon Bowles at the weekend to ensure that the constituency remains high on her list of priorities.

Commenting after the meeting, Nick said,

“From 2006, Sharon led the fight to save Ashford International railway station, and she understands the infrastructure and regeneration needs of the South East. I have been to see her to underline how important it is, especially in the economic downturn, for Hastings & Rye to be able take its share of the European business opportunities afforded by the international rail links.

“We are having an ongoing conversation about the needs of this area – which she knows is the most deprived in her European constituency. I am updating her about the ongoing difficulties for our fishing and tourist industries. I am underlining just how much our area needs the Party’s positive plans to tackle the recession – particularly in terms of the construction industry, and for job creation in general.

“Just as Sharon led the ‘Honk to Save Ashford’ campaign, I have no doubt that she will be honking loudly for Hastings & Rye at the European Parliament.”


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