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Nick asks questions about youth provision in Old Hastings & Tressell

February 23, 2009

stuart-and-nick-at-hillcrest-schoolHere is an extract from my letter to Conservative County Councillor Keith Glazier, who is the Lead Councillor for Children’s Services:

‘The Liberal Democrats have undertaken a community survey recently in Tressell Ward and, accompanying various concerns about community safety, there have been numerous comments made about the lack of provision for young people.

First of all, I would be glad if you could let me know what ESCC provides in respect of youth facilities in the division at present. Certainly, if there are things going on for young people, they do not appear to be visible enough.

There is a strongly held view from respondents to our survey that a Club or Centre for young people is desirable, and that this may prevent the involvement of ‘bored youth’ in illicit or criminal activities.

I appreciate that young people are often unfairly maligned by the community, but I hope you will address the concerns raised by local people and give as full a response as you can, and that there will not be a necessity to use the Freedom of Information Act to access the information.’

[Do you think that there is adequate provision in this area?  Please use the form below to send in your views]


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