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Children in Hastings & Rye will benefit from schools plan

February 9, 2009

the-two-nicksProposals from the Liberal Democrats for big improvements to schools and teaching will see around £18 million of extra cash for schools in East Sussex to boost the education and life chances of thousands of children say local party members.

The plans were launched by Party Leader Nick Clegg and Shadow Secretary of State for Schools, David Laws MP. They call for higher standards in all local schools; closing the gap between children from rich and poor families and ending the era of Government meddling in education.

Speaking about the proposals to today, Nick Perry, Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner for Hastings & Rye said,

“There are a number of radical ideas to ensure all young people get the best start in life. The extra cash will make a real difference in our local schools.

“I am particularly pleased that funding is proposed to cut infant class sizes to private school levels of 15.

“We will also introduce a £2.5bn Pupil Premium, to ensure that extra funding goes to the pupils with the highest needs, whichever school they are in. And some of that extra money will pay for after school and Saturday classes, and extended school days.

“We will also get central government off the back of schools, teachers and pupils. The days of ministers in Whitehall stifling schools, and interfering with everything that happens in the classroom, must end.

“Schools here need to be freed to teach children rather than spend their time obeying ministerial orders and trying to achieve government targets.

“There are few places in the country that need these proposals more than Hastings & Rye, where the Conservatives have failed to deliver improvements for so long. Local children who go to local schools deserve to have at least as good a start in life as the small number who are educated privately.”

The proposals will be debated at the party’s spring conference in Harrogate in March.


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