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Nick talks to South East Today about low pay in Hastings

January 26, 2009



I spoke with BBC reporter Paul Siegert on Friday about low pay in Hastings.

Here’s a link to the report:



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  1. Hi Nick –
    Your comments are absolutely spot on. What’s always concerned me re New Labour is the fact that they took over an economy which was in the latter days of recovery. Therefore it wasn’t going to be hard to ride the sunami of success without any effort. When the economy was due for a correction, ie. 2000/ 20001, such a correction was drowned with false expectations of the millenium and a ‘new century’, etc. The skill in this scenario was a New Skill, in that it was about maintaining stability of growth. Just as interest rates were traditionally used as a control over inflation, they should have been considered in the reverse scenario. However New Labour burst into the economic forum with the madness of interest rate control handed to the Bank of England, introducing a minimum wage dictated by the EEC. – This is unworkable when you have different currency. Labour were not exposed on this issue as the pound was comfortable against the dollar and specifically therefore the Euro. This position of ‘chaise longue recline’ was a knock on effect from Britains hampered attempts to enter the Euro, and subsequent 15 % interest rates.
    The other v basic thing they did, which has returned to bite their backsides, is ‘manipulation’ of unemployment figures. The irony being that if the BBC are reporting nearly 2,000,000 out of work today – on par with 1997- the actual figure is more in line with 5,000,000 ‘job seekers’. The true number of unemployed – due to various spurious categories, new and old, is a terrifying prospect……
    Re: schools – it was New Labour who abolished the assisted places scheme for private education, which was the last bastion of equality for the next genereation. Oh and abolishing income related grants for students of further education……..
    New Labour have proved themselves to be the ultimate fascist dictatorship.
    The Tories will ‘dine out on Labour’s mistakes’ to line their own very deep pockets.
    The electorate aren’t concerned with eco- projects and greenism, as there are no direct cash benefits to them. (eg. I have a 3 litre subaru – it cost me £400 to tax. It is,however a 7 seater people carrier which runs on gas. I pay £500 a term for a school bus service so I don’t clog up the roads daily doing school runs, and I also finance my horse lorry for the road if I need to move animals, etc. Do I get a discount? no. Where is my reward ? )
    I grow my own veg, but DEFRA say I can’t have my own livestock for food. I can’t even save the waste food from my cafe and legally feed it to animals which may become food. I only use local organic food at the cafe!!!
    I could waffle on forever, but if LibDem are to stand a chance of gaining the local seat, let alone national, they need to strike now – people are so disgruntled they will change their voting pattern, but equally the party needs to challenge the other parties on real economic issues, not fantasy plans. The economy has changed v quickly (not withstanding the media hype….) so your parties policies need to change too. Be radical and take a risk – otherwise UKIP will stand a better chance.
    Cheers, alli

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