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Nick slams ID card plans as Rye loses police hero

December 29, 2008

the-two-nicksNick Perry, Lib Dem parliamentary hopeful for Hastings & Rye, has responded to the news that Rye is losing a valued community support officer by slamming the Government’s ID card proposals.

Nick said, “I was, like many others, saddened to hear about the move of local community support officer Dan Bevan from Rye town, and I very much agree with those who have said that Rye’s loss is Rye Harbour, Playden and Iden’s gain.

“Unfortunately this is yet another example of our police force stretching itself to cover gaps left by insufficient resources. If only the Government would drop once and for all its policy on the introduction of ID cards.

“The Liberal Democrats have been campaigning throughout this Parliament for the billions of pounds that the ID card scheme will cost to be spent on dedicated community policing, so that it would be possible for there to be an experienced and locally-aware pool of officers, as well as PCSOs like Dan Bevan, in every area.”

Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg MP has said of the Home Secretary,

“Jacqui Smith is clearly in a state of deep denial. The ID card project is already over budget, technologically flawed and increasingly unpopular. She should learn to cut her losses rather than continue to defend the indefensible.”

[What do you think about the Government’s ID card plans?  Please use the form below to send in your views and sign our online petition via the button on the side of the blog]


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