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David Mitchell given gentle correction about Rye and its wines

December 29, 2008

david-mitchell[Letter to The Observer]

Dear Editor,

May I, via your Letters Page, attempt shamelessly and briefly to bathe in some of David Mitchell’s reflected glory, and congratulate him on another successful year in the long path towards National Treasure Status!

Since the days when I knew him at Cambridge (same college, same subject, different year) and he undoubtedly didn’t know me, he has become primetime comedian, social commentator and quiz show guest extraordinaire.

However now, as the Liberal Democrat parliamentary campaigner for Hastings & Rye, I must take to task my erstwhile college comrade for certain comments in his latest Observer offering ( 28 December 2008); and at the risk of seeming as though I haven’t got the joke, represent the good people of Rye in a way that they might like to become accustomed.

Mr Mitchell must surely know that the Ancient Town and Cinque Port of Rye is not in ‘East West Sussex’ – it is in East East Sussex.

And the wines that are produced in the constituency are really very good, no joke whatever, and much better (I am convinced) than those of Ernest & Julio Gallo. Although, as an aside, I am sure that the research David pre-releases regarding the relationship between red and white wine and portions of fruit and vegetables will be of great interest to local residents.

I do hope that he will try to make good this oversight in his review of 2010!

Yours truly,


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