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Will Michael and Amber join the fight for St Mary in the Castle?

December 22, 2008

smic2Dear Michael and Amber,

I was surprised and disappointed that neither you, nor any Labour or Conservative councillors, attended the public meeting on 15 December to discuss the future of St Mary in the Castle.

I am enclosing a link to the article which I expect you have read in the paper this week.

[I would have sent a link from the Observer website itself, but the article is no longer available there]

I hope you agree with the comments made on behalf of us attendees by Erica Smith. Particularly, that “It would not be in the interests of St Mary-in-the-Castle or the community to ‘mothball’ the building in the hope that a future tenant will come along.

“We would like the council to allow time to explore a community involvement in the future of St Mary-in-the-Castle, for example, as a social enterprise charged with the responsibility of managing the facility.”

The current deadline for expressions of interest is noon tomorrow.

It is desirable that there is cross-party consensus both to preserve this beautiful building and to support the community organisations that have expressed their views at and by the public meeting.

Will you commit to this, so we can move the debate forward along all-party lines?

I hope very much that you will, and that you will contact Cllr Peter Armstrong as soon as possible to make that clear. He can be reached on (01424) 430634.

With best wishes to you for the festive period; yours truly,

[What do you think Hastings Borough Council should do about St Mary in the Castle?  Please send in your views using the form below]


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