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Nick urges Council to look at Brighton experience of communal bins

December 22, 2008

bin-bagsNick Perry, Lib Dem parliamentary hopeful for Hastings & Rye, has urged Hastings Borough Council to look at the experience of Brighton residents when deciding whether or not to implement proposals for communal bins in those areas which do not have Twin Bins.

Speaking at the weekend, Nick said – “If you go online and tap ‘communal bins’ into The Argus website, you come up with letter after letter from residents who have been angered by the imposition of these bins by the local Council.”

Nick, who lives in Manor Road, Hastings, went door-to-door at the beginning of November to discuss the situation with his neighbours. Out of 21 Manor Road residents that he spoke to, 17 did not want the bins, two were in favour, and two did not mind either way.

Residents are concerned that the bins might reduce on-street parking and provide an opportunity for fly-tipping and other anti-social behaviour.

Nick says, “Everyone should have had their consultation document from Hastings Borough Council by now. Cllr Peter Armstrong and I are encouraging people to complete the survey and send it back before 12 January. We need local residents to engage with the process, and we need the Council to listen to what local people are saying.

“I have a lot of sympathy with people who feel that the weekly collection that we get at the moment is, for the most part, working well.”

[If you have a comment about Hastings Borough Council’s communal bins proposals please send them in using the form below]


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One Comment
  1. George fitzpatrick permalink

    They proposed to locate these bins 2 meters from our dining room bay window.Each bin holds 3200 liyres of rubish,total 6400.they will be full to the brim all night long,not to think off the overfill
    Our childred eat at this bay window.(Is this a form of punishment)

    Isabella wae born in Edinburgh and has had contact with family.What a load of spin HBC are dishing out.Edinburgh is a absolute mess with these antisocial,anti-enviromental Bins and most people want rid of.

    We love our home in hastings but if( God forbid )they put these Bins out side our windows,we will rent out and move.

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