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Nick challenges MP over bus time claims

November 10, 2008

busesLib Dem parliamentary campaigner for Hastings & Rye, Nick Perry, has written to the Labour MP requesting corrections to a letter that the MP sent in early September. The letter was sent to signatories of the Hastings & St Leonards Seniors Forum petition on the reinstatement of the 9am start for concessionary bus fares.

Nick wrote to Mr Foster,

“I read with disbelief your comment towards the end of the letter that, ‘Earlier in the year Labour Councillors proposed the 9am start but the Conservative majority on the Council refused.’

“Whilst it is true that Conservatives made a significant error of judgement on this, it is definitely not the case that Labour Councillors did all that they could to protect the 9am start.

“As I understand it, in January of this year, the Hastings Borough Council Cabinet was required to vote on the issue. Only Liberal Democrat Councillor Richard Stevens voted against the move to 9.30am – all the Labour Councillors present abstained.

“Your letter is therefore highly misleading.”

Nick has requested that the MP sends another letter to signatories of the petition to give a more accurate picture of events. The MP has agreed to investigate.

Nick told the MP,

“The point is that if your colleagues had not abstained at the relevant Cabinet meeting, then the 9am start time would have been secured.

He adds,

“A cynic might say that Labour abstained at this crucial point to set up a political bunfight – a bunfight which found its way into the pages of the Labour manifesto for the May elections. In the intervening period, many of our older citizens were inconvenienced and disadvantaged.”


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  1. I’m an advocate of the over-60s bus passes being useable without time restriction. Many over-60s work and drive in the rush hour. More bus users means fewer cars on the road at critical times. If they can already use bus passes in the evening peak, why not the morning peak as well? The current time restrictions mean extra traffic in both peak periods.

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