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Manor Road gives thumbs down to communal bins

November 4, 2008

bin-bagsI was out in our street yesterday evening discussing Hastings Council’s proposals with my neighbours.

Of 21 householders in the road that I spoke to personally, 17 were against the introduction of communal bins, 2 were in favour, and 2 did not have strong views either way.

Those against the bins cited the following reasons: they do not believe that the Council will be able to come up with any sites that aren’t either in front of people’s houses, or impacting on the on-street car parking capacity. They are worried that items in the communal bins will be set on fire (as I understand has happened in other areas of the town); they are worried that unwanted white goods will be fly-tipped by the bins; they are worried that young people will bang the bins at night; older and disabled residents are worried about physically being able to lift the bags in to the bins – particularly as the weather worsens.

I have to say that I have a great deal of sympathy with many of these objections, and happily, I believe the collection arrangements that we have at the moment are working well.

Most households put out their dustbins on a weekly basis and the seagulls and foxes cannot access the bags. For those without dustbins, I am sure that they would accept one or two dustbins from the Council.

This must be the most acceptable way forward.

[Hastings Council wants communal bins in roads that don’t have Twin Bins.  What do you think of their proposals?]


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