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Nick challenges Tory hopeful to come clean on party funding

October 28, 2008

George Osborne MP is fighting for his political life

George Osborne MP has been fighting for his political life

Nick Perry, Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner for Hastings & Rye, has written to his Conservative counterpart demanding straight answers about donations received by the local Conservative Association.

Following the controversy engulfing Tory MP George Osborne, Nick has requested information on how much money has been donated to local Conservatives by Lord Ashcroft, deputy chairman of the Tory Party.

Lord Ashcroft, whose UK residency and tax status is clouded in uncertainty, has been targeting money at parliamentary seats that are thought to be winnable.

Nick says,

“In the light of the recent furore around the behaviour of senior Conservatives, my Tory counterpart must be absolutely frank with the local electorate about whether she is receiving donated monies via the companies of a man who, to the best of my knowledge, does not pay tax on his income like every other hard-working family in Hastings & Rye has to.

“Either local Tories are receiving this money, in which case we must know how much has been donated since Amber has been selected. Or they are not receiving the money, so we must assume that the party no longer feels that the seat is winnable.

“100 years ago Robert Tressell was railing against politicians seeking to buy parliamentary seats. The political system now is no fairer than it was all those years ago. Despite all the Cameron spin, are these really just the same old Tories?”

[What are your views on the funding of political parties?]


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  1. John permalink

    If he is not paying tax then clearly the UK taxpayer is subidising the Conservatives through less services.

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