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Nick slams Government ID Cards for language students

September 28, 2008

Nick Perry, Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner for Hastings & Rye, has slammed Government proposals to require non-EU language students to buy expensive ID cards.

Speaking at the weekend, Nick said,

“There will be many unintended outcomes of the Government’s stupid and wasteful plan to introduce ID cards. One such outcome could be for language schools in our constituency.

“The requirements, due to come into force this November, will result in costly, tedious and demeaning biometric procedures for students. It risks driving away to Ireland one of the biggest sources of income for our area.

“I have written to local language schools asking for their views and the impact that they foresee for their students and their business”, said Nick.

Chris Huhne MP, the Lib Dem Home Affairs spokesman says,

“The Government is using vulnerable members of our society, like foreign nationals who do not have the vote, as guinea pigs for a deeply unpopular and unworkable policy.”

At their recent Party Conference, Liberal Democrats have confirmed their plan to ditch the Government’s ID Card scheme, and to use the money to fund Lib Dem spending priorities as well as tax cuts for low and middle income families.

[What do you think about the Government’s ID Cards scheme?]


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