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Baker promises electric line between Hastings and Ashford

September 22, 2008

Following the ratification of the policy paper ‘Building a transport system for the 21st century’ at the recent Liberal Democrat Conference, Lewes MP and Transport spokesman Norman Baker has confirmed that the plans include the electrification of the railtrack between Hastings and Ashford.

Mr Baker said,

“I want to say loud and clear to the people of Hastings & Rye that the Liberal Democrats understand how important the Hastings-Ashford link is, and that we are committed to delivering an improved service.”

Nick Perry, Parliamentary Campaigner said,

“I am delighted that I have received confirmation from Norman this weekend that these improvements are an integral part of Lib Dem plans.

“There is no doubt that we need better connections, better services and cheaper train fares. These are crucial to the regeneration of constituencies such as ours. And Lib Dem plans mean that we can deliver this regeneration in as green and sustainable a way as possible.”

An Annex of rail schemes was published in the (fully costed) paper and the electrification of the Hastings-Ashford line is in that list. The Lib Dems aim to electrify the whole network by 2040, starting with key gaps first, such as the Hastings-Ashford line.


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