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Lib Dems will fight for better transport links

September 16, 2008

Dear Editor,

I hope that the Observer will be taking up the important issue of the failure of our MP and the Labour Government to improve road and rail access to Hastings from the north.

It is clear that a key part of a successful regeneration programme for our constituency must be the improvement of our links to and from London.

At the Hastings Council Cabinet meeting last Monday, the relevant report stated that improvements to the A21 are to be delayed until 2011-12, and that Channel Tunnel-related rail improvements may benefit Kent, to the detriment of the Hastings-London line.

As if this is not bad enough, the local Conservatives – in cloud cuckoo land as usual – are saying that all is rosy in the garden.

When are the Conservatives going to get serious about representing our constituency with real vigour and talent?

They have shown that they can’t do it at a local Council level, and they don’t cut it at parliamentary level either.

Liberal Democrats will be raising this important issue wherever and whenever we can.

And we will be fighting for the benefits that an improved (particularly public) transport infrastructure will bring to the local area.

Yours sincerely,

[What do you think of local transport links?  Please use the form below to send in your views]


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