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Nick lobbies MP for greener approach on Energy

September 2, 2008

Dear Michael,

Thanks for your prompt response.

You may not be an avid reader of my blog (!) but I put on record my support for Lib Dem proposals to tackle fuel poverty on 1 August.

I am glad to be able to point you to our briefing paper at:


The key ideas here are around the use of the £9 billion windfall from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and our proposals around energy conservation.

Whilst I accept that your own ideas reflect the Liberal Democrat commitment to our most vulnerable citizens, I hope you will agree that it is also necessary to promote greener approaches to energy use, and production.

Yours sincerely,

[Michael’s response after my initial request to him to clarify his position on the windfall tax]

Dear Nick

RE: Windfall Tax on Energy Firms

Thank you for you recent email on the above issue.

I do not support a windfall tax at this time but I do very much support action to help those who are least well off and to that end I have made my own proposal. I have issued a press release on the matter which I attach for your information.

I would be very interested to hear the Lib Dem position on this issue – are they in favour of a windfall tax and if so on what terms – what percentage/amount would be levied and how would the money be specifically used? In addition what is your personal position, in so much as it differs from the nation Lib Dem view?

Yours sincerely

Michael Foster DL MP


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