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Mohammed Al-Majed remembered – Nick speaks to Al-Jazeera

September 1, 2008

This morning, I attended the municipal ceremony organised to enable local residents to pay their respects to the memory, and to the family of Mohammed Al-Majed – the 16-year old Qatari language student who lost his life last week.

The attendance at the ceremony showed that diversity is alive and well in Hastings.

Following the two minutes’ silence at Priory Meadow, I spoke with the Al-Jazeera reporter covering the proceedings.

He asked about me about the feeling in the town following the death of Mohammed, and I said that our hearts have gone out to his family.

I also related to him that there are many in the town committed to promoting good race relations. 

With my partner and daughter being mixed race, I am personally highly conscious of this issue.  Anti-racism is a cause close to my heart.

I hope, slowly but surely, that Hastings will be able to regain some of the trust that it may have lost as a destination for language students, particularly in Arabic communities.

We must be willing to listen to what local agencies involved in the supporting of foreign language students are telling us, and to do all in our power to make Hastings as safe and as welcoming a town as we possibly can.


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One Comment
  1. farouk nabina permalink

    Dear Nick,
    First of all thank you for your remarks about mohammed death, I hope this will never happen again ,all Qatari where very sad and angery for his death ,but Iam even more sad not becuase Iam a Qatari only, but becuse we live in the same area as mohammed family in Qatar.

    And it is even more sad that a young smart 16 years old boy lost his life beucse of racisem so I think we need more pepole like you in the UK to teach pepole that we are all human and have one God regrdless of our race or color, and we all depend on each other in some way. God bless all of us and agian thanking all of you for your time and support.

    farouk nabina

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